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Our Project

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  • Enhance the interplay between primary and secondary healthcare

  • Improve chronic disease management

  • Safeguard public health

The All-in-one AI-based KOA Management System


Impact 1

Provide KOA early diagnosis → Prevent irreversible knee damage

Impact 2

Reduce direct & indirect health costs (HKD 1.4 billion / year)

Impact 3

Promote positive social impacts


What positive social impacts do we promote?

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs

  • Affordable Simple KOA Prognostic System for the underprivileged

  • Reducing treatment cost by early detection and intervention

Wholistic Wellness

Physical Well-being

  • Delivering accurate health information and education to empower patients to take active role

  • Improving treatment outcome and quality of life by early detection

Mental Well-being

  • Motivating patients to actively manage KOA by themselves

  • Enhancing self-esteem, satisfaction with life

  • Minimising the risk for dementia and depression

Social Well-being

  • Maintaining mobility for social interaction and self-efficacy

  • Prevent isolation

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