About Us

With the vision to use AI to solve clinical problems and thereby ameliorate chronic disease management whilst also safeguarding public health in Hong Kong, CLAIRE develops an artificial-intelligence-based knee osteoarthritis (KOA) management system to facilitate early diagnosis with personalised treatment protocols. The system could enhance the interplay between primary and secondary healthcare and hence reduce preventable health costs at disease late stage. In this sense, KOA patients embrace holistic wellness in physical, mental, and social aspects.


CLAIRE is now on track to become a successful start-up company consisting of members from interdisciplinary backgrounds. Within the first year of founding the company, the talented team have already convinced over 20 healthcare industry leaders, public health experts, as well as primary and secondary healthcare institutes to become collaborating partners. CLAIRE is also awarded and secured 5 entrepreneurship awards, 4 innovation awards, 2 academic presentations, 4 project showcases, and 4 media coverages. Their success story has meant that the company is constantly in the limelight in this specialist field.


Our Team


Team Members

Dr. Chunyi Wen

MB.BS, M.Med.Sc., Ph.D.

Honourabale Consultant /
Project Supervisor

Justin Chan

Co-Founder, CTO

Joffy Lau

Data Engineer

Andrew Leung

Research Analyst

Selwyn Sze

Data Engineer

Karen Wong

Founding Member, CFO

Jacky Wu

Business Development Manager

Clarice Yip

Business Administrator

Lucy Ng

Founding Member,
UI/UX Designer

Yoyo Wo

Clinical Advisor

Tiffanie Li

Business Operations Specialist